Past Webinars

Remote Laparoscopy Training in Bangladesh

During this session, Dr. Hannan shared his innovative approach to training, which incorporates the Ohana One Surgical Sight Program and Vuzix Smart Glasses.

Dr. Hannan presented his Remote Laparoscopy Training module, an extension of the mentorship training that promotes interactive participation from mentees. This approach engenders an immersive experience, virtually placing mentees in the operating theatre and fostering a rich learning environment.

Dr. Hannan, Ohana One, and Vuzix have paved the way for innovative remote surgical training opportunities in Bangladesh and globally.

OCTOBER 4, 2023

Immertec: Breaking Barriers with Immersive Surgical Training 

Ohana One hosted a webinar with Immertec, an immersive peer-to-peer collaboration platform that is breaking barriers with immersive surgical training. Marchelle Sellers, Executive Director of Ohana One International Surgical Aid & Education introduced Jordan Gorrochotegui, Product VP, and Matt Wheeler, Chief Operating Officer who discussed their platform, its features, and how Immertec can advance remote surgical education at scale.

JUNE 24, 2023

Ohana One Webinar

Want to know more about the roles of virtual reality and technology in surgical education? Marchelle Sellers, the Executive Director of Ohana One International Surgical Aid, will be introducing various ways in which technology plays in advancing surgical training and education. From Smart Glasses to VR Technology, the opportunities are endlessly innovative and exciting.

MARCH 6, 2023

Backpack EMR Webinar: For use on Surgical Missions and Small Clinic Settings

Hear from Lori Most, the Founder of Backpack EMR on how the Backpack EMR technology is useful in situations where there is low bandwidth settings and when your patients are unable make it to the clinic in person to receive the healthcare they need.

JANUARY 28, 2023

Transforming the Face of Remote Surgical Education

Presenters: Christopher Conner, MD, Plastic Surgeon, Seif Nuru, Reconstructive & Burn Care, St. Gaspar Referal Hospital Itigi, Tanzania, and Scott Hildebrandt from Help Lightning

SEPTEMBER 10, 2022

Beyond the Wearables!

Ryan De’Larami, founder and CEO of TeleVU will introduce us to CamVU! The newest and latest non-wearable camera for the OR. It’s super easy to set-up, simple to move and use, mentor-controlled and best of all, Ohana One is helping NGO’s fund them for surgical training!

OCTOBER 29, 2022