Meet Our Ohana

Our Mission

Ohana One cultivates surgical training programs in developing areas around the world and we do so in collaboration with like-minded organizations. Our work is not limited to single mission trips, but to establishing long-term sustainable surgical training programs utilizing mentor relationships and advanced technology. In doing so, we work alongside surgical providers to help them take on increasingly more complex cases with the goal of elevating and expanding safe surgical care.

Each of our members have unique skills and passion for advancing surgical care in developing countries and working together and with others to advance training and bring mentors and mentees closer than ever. Ohana means “family” and we bring everyone into our Ohana to feel supported, inspired and connected.

Board of Directors

Michele Dee, MD

Immediate Past President &

Pediatric Anesthesiologist
Cedars Sinai Medical Center

David Kulber, MD

President &

David Kulber, MD

President &

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Cedars Sinai Medical Center

Kylie Tanabe, PA-C


Physician’s Assistant
Cedars Sinai Medical Network

Adrian Ashkenazy

Vice President

L’Ermitage Hotels

Susan K. Laffer



Aaron Bregman

Bregman Law Group

Gracie Fermelia

Chief Operating Officer
Causeway Capitol

Marshall Geller

Co-Founder and Managing Partner
St. Cloud Capital, LLC

Tom Gordon

Chairman at DSL Construction
Co-Trustee, Don Levin Trust

Harry Levitt

Managing Director
Mack Financial Group

Karissa Sharifian

Plastic Surgery Physician’s Assistant
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Garry Pearson

Sun Valley, Idaho
Private Investor

Jay Roach

Delirious Media

Sandra Rodriguez, RN

Registered Nurse
Cedars Sinai Medical Center

Robert Uhlaner

Senior Partner
McKinsey & Company, Inc.

Bill Pope

Director of Photography

Jennifer Bepple, MD

Digital Health Consultant, Urologist

Sharon Oreck


Ohana Team

Marchelle Sellers, MBA

Executive Director

Marvee Turk, MD

Surgical Consultant

Eva Williams, MD

Surgical Consultant

Megan McCullough, MD

Surgical Consultant

Bevin Metzge

Grant Partner Success

Maggie Bohlman

Marketing and Media

Tarek Elshayal

Biomedical & Logistics Coordinator

Jeanne Bray

Director of Partnerships and Development

Cristina Farrut

Mission Manager

Edward Ray, MD

Ohana App Developer

Rachel Buigas-Lopez

Graphic Designer

Sidra Bugsch

Office Administrator

Flávia Cavicchioli

Special Project Researcher & Data Analyst

Grace Berglin

Surgical Support Specialist

Theo Brown

Surgical Data Scientist

Nikitha Garapaty

Research Intern

Kamala Pillai

Data Analysis Intern

Advisors to the Board

Joyce Brandman


Andrew Freedman, MD

Vice Chair Pediatric Urology
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center