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Caring for the patient helps one patient, training the surgeon helps thousands of patients.

Remote Laparoscopy Training in Bangladesh Webinar

Ohana One and Vuzix are pleased to co-host this webinar featuring the pioneering work of Prof. Md. Dr. Jarful Hannan and his mentees, Dr. Fatema Sayeed and Dr. Md Samiul Hasan.

During this session, Dr. Hannan will share his innovative approach to training, which incorporates the Ohana One Surgical Sight Program and Vuzix Smart Glasses.

Making the Ohana One Documentary

Part three: Understanding the Need in Mozambique

The moment the filmmaking team set foot in Mozambique, it was evident that the situation at the hospital was nothing short of intense. Their hearts sank as they witnessed the suffering of the people, especially the children, due to the lack of resources. The absence of anesthesia during surgical procedures resulted in unbearable pain for the patients, especially the children. They learned that the children’s burn rate in Mozambique was among the highest in the world, primarily due to limited resources and open kitchens.

Fall 2023 Insights

This edition we share the highlights of our 2023 Mozambique mission trip and the significant impact it had on the local healthcare landscape.

We also hear from Dr. Jarful Hannan and his journey with the Surgical Sight Program.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to one of our outstanding founding board members, Tom Gordon.

Flavia’s First Mission Trip with Ohana One

Transforming Lives in Mozambique

As a part of the August mission trip organized by Ohana One, research intern Flavia embarked on a transformative journey to Mozambique. The adventure began with Flavia traveling through Qatar, accompanied by Katie, a seasoned nurse practitioner, and Kim, Ohana One co-founder Dr. David Kulber’s fellow. Once in Mozambique, they were joined by Dr. Michele Dee, another of Ohana One’s co-founders, and her daughter, paving the way for a united endeavor to deliver medical aid and education to the local communities.

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Virtual Office Hours with Megan Demijohn

Get the to answer your technology-specific questions or anything related to the Surgical Sight Smart Glass Program with Physician Coordinator, Megan Demijohn.

Wednesday & Thursday8 – 9 AM & 4 – 5 PM (PDT)
Friday10 – 11 AM (PDT)

The Ten Thousand Mile Bridge

Closing the Surgical Gap in Sub-Saharan Africa

“The 10,000 Mile Bridge” is a compelling short surgical education documentary that follows the remarkable journey of Ohana One International Surgical Aid & Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming lives through surgical care and education. At the heart of this inspiring narrative is the mentorship between Dr. David Kulber, a seasoned plastic surgeon, and his mentee, Dr. Pedro Santos.

The film delves into the challenges and triumphs of Dr. Pedro Santos as he navigates a diverse array of burn and reconstructive surgeries under the guidance of Dr. Kulber. Through this mentor-mentee partnership, the documentary unfolds the profound impact of knowledge exchange and skill transfer in the field of surgery.

This documentary invites audiences to witness the fusion of expertise, dedication, and cutting-edge technology, ultimately portraying the incredible ripple effect that occurs when surgical professionals join forces across borders to go beyond traditional mission trips and bring hope to communities in need.

Our Focus

Ohana One cultivates surgical training programs in developing areas around the world and we do so in collaboration with like-minded organizations. Our work is not limited to single mission trips, but to establishing long-term sustainable surgical training programs utilizing mentorship relationships and advanced technology. In doing so, we work alongside surgical providers to help them take on increasingly more complex cases with the goal of elevating and expanding safe surgical care.

Surgical Sight Smart Glass Program

Ohana One’s mentor/mentee program in collaboration with Vuzix Smart Glasses and Help Lighting software to train surgeons worldwide. 

Support Beyond The Operating Room

Ohana One hosts journal clubs, English classes, lectures, webinars, and educational videos to ensure success.

Surgical Training Missions

Memorable training trips that empower and inspire, supported in-depth by the smart glass technology program.

Eyes On The Future

Can't travel to train? No problem. Ohana One is the NGO leader in remote surgical training utilizing VUZIX smart glass technology and TeleVU and Help Lightning software, allowing surgical staff to virtually operate & train together. Get your own smart glasses and keep your mission in sight.
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Sandra Rodriguez, RN – Maputo, Mozambique Mission

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Ohana means family in Hawaiian and we welcome you to our Ohana! If you are an experienced surgical team member and would like to join us on a future surgical mission, please let us know. We also have space on these missions for non-medical volunteers to help with patient care, errands, and special projects. Your life will be changed forever. We aren’t arranging any trips right now due to COVID, but please sign up to be alerted when a trip is coming up.

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