2022 Missions

In Summer 2022, Ohana One hosted a surgical mission trip to Mozambique, August 13-18, and one to Ethiopia, August 19-26.  We look forward to sharing the impact of this mission with you!

Surgical missions are critical for developing strong relationships between local and visiting surgical teams as they work in tandem toward achieving long-term skill training. Ohana One leads trips to international locations such as Mozambique and Honduras each year, conditions permitting. To further support these surgical missions, Ohana One provides smart glass technology to the in-country surgical teams, providing year-round comprehensive training with our surgeons.

Surgeons and the entire mission team have the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate with local hospitals
  • Treat backlogged patients
  • Share complex surgical techniques
  •  Provide safety education to developing communities
  • Connect with surgical professionals eager to continue their training

These missions, and all of the lives they impact, are not possible without the support of donors who contribute to these trips.