Ohana One is excited to announce our latest work with practitioners in the Dutch Caribbean who are a part of the Dutch Caribbean Health Alliance. Tarek ElShayal, Ohana One’s biomedical & logistics coordinator, recently went on a training trip to both set-up equipment and train practitioners. Tarek brought with him cutting-edge TeleVU Smart View software equipped Smartphones and Vuzix Smartglasses to leave with the sites. These will allow specialists to better support generalists on smaller islands and allow collaborations that haven’t been possible to date across locations in many countries. Tarek visited the islands of Curacao, Sint Maarten, Saba, and Sint Eustatius, providing local medical practitioners with advanced tools and knowledge.

A group training session between the general surgeon, one neurologist and two technicians, and one houseofficer.

From the onset, Tarek was warmly welcomed by the local community, setting the stage for a very enriching experience for all. The people of the Dutch Caribbean, known for their warmth and receptiveness, welcomed him with open arms, and a mindset of collaboration and growth.

In Curacao at Curacao Medical Center, a new hospital, Tarek was able to tour the operating theaters and determine how to best integrate the new technology he was there to deploy. He worked with the team to integrate TeleVU Smart View into the medical workflow, which will enhance Medical training opportunities and patient outcomes.

Curacao Medical Center

Next up was Sint Maarten Medical Center on Sint Maarten and St. Eustatius Healthcare Foundation on Sint Eustatius where Tarek trained practitioners to use the smart glasses to mentor practitioners in more remote settings. The group gathered to train with Tarek included house officers, (they’re the equivalent to American residents), technicians. And Dr. Maria Marques, the neurologist. Tarek worked to set up the needed infrastructure for the TeleVU SmartVU phones and tablets and smart glasses to work with their systems. A great deal of progress was made, and there will definitely be opportunities for additional training as the onsite teams learn to incorporate the technology.

Doctors training with new technology.

In Sint Eustatius at the clinic, the healthcare infrastructure leans more towards clinics than hospitals, Here Tarek encountered a dedicated cohort of practitioners. Among them were Dr. Fazal Baboe, Dr. Sharda Baboe, Dr. Ajay Kumar, and Dr. Maryam, all of whom were eager to learn the new technology and look for ways to use it within their clinic. Noteworthy was the participation of the facility’s administrator, whose keen interest in technological advancements underscored the collective commitment to progress and innovation.

A group of surgeons learning about the possibilities of remote surgical training from Tarek ElShayal.

Across all four islands, Tarek was struck by the dedication of the healthcare professionals. Their eagerness to embrace new technologies, coupled with their genuine enthusiasm for collaboration, and how they all exemplified the spirit of Ohana One’s mission.

Reflecting on his experience, Tarek was humbled by the resilience and optimism displayed by the Dutch Caribbean community. Their readiness to embrace innovation, coupled with their commitment to patient care, made it clear Ohana One had chosen well to invest in this partnership. Together we will drive positive change in their healthcare ecosystems.