Meet Tom Gordon, an exceptional founding board member of Ohana One, whose unwavering dedication and extensive expertise have been instrumental in shaping our nonprofit organization. Tom’s remarkable journey through the healthcare industry and his commitment to serving the community have left an indelible mark on our mission.


A Leader in Healthcare Management

In his previous role as the Executive Vice President of Cedars-Sinai Health System, Tom spent an impressive 22 years overseeing the organization’s Medical Network of primary care and specialist physicians. His responsibilities extended to serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Cedars-Sinai Medical Network Services, a management services organization that handled the administrative functions of numerous medical entities. This network covered a broad geographic area in Southern California, comprising over 1,000 physicians, providers, and specialists, serving more than 150,000 patients, and employing over 1,900 staff.

Tom’s journey into medical management began in 1988 when he served as a consultant to the Medical Group of Beverly Hills. Within a year, he assumed the role of the group’s Chief Executive Officer. In 1993, Tom orchestrated the merger of the medical group into the Cedars-Sinai Health System, marking a significant milestone in his healthcare management career.


A Multifaceted Leader

Tom Gordon’s leadership extends beyond the healthcare realm. He has enjoyed management responsibilities in diverse industries, including screen-printing, advertising, retail auto services, and consulting. Tom founded and played a principal role in a graphics company, and before his association with the Medical Group of Beverly Hills, he established a successful management and marketing consulting firm.

Tom’s commitment to the broader community is evident through his participation on various boards, including the Professional Advisory Council for the Fielding School of Public Health at UCLA, Partners Bank of California, and The Brentwood School. He remains a consultant to the President of Cedars-Sinai Health System and is an active member of the Medical Group Management Association and the Healthcare Financial Management Association.


A Mentor and Educator

Tom Gordon’s dedication to healthcare extends to education. He teaches a course on Leadership in the Executive MPH Program and serves as a preceptor in the graduate program in Health Policy and Management, where he has had the privilege of recruiting numerous MPH graduates. Additionally, he is a guest lecturer at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business.

Tom is also a renowned keynote speaker, sharing his expertise at conferences and executive retreats on topics ranging from leadership and management to change management, culture building, training, motivation, and managed care. We are fortunate to have his leadership and guidance on the Ohana One Board.