In mid-December, Neurokids surgeon Dr. Ben Warf, Director of Neonatal and Congenital Neurosurgery at Boston Children’s Hospital was at home, and used the Ohana One Surgical Sight Glasses to tele-proctor (remote mentor) a case with Dr. Inocente Mayanda in Luanda, Angola. Immediately afterwards, Dr. Warf  used the glasses again and joined Dra. Giselle Coelho on a case in São Paulo, Brazil. He wrapped up the day with a second case with Dra. Coelho. All three cases were children with hydrocephalus. All three were successfully operated on, with Dr. Warf providing support and instruction using  Ohana One Surgical Sight Glasses. A pretty incredible day for all involved! 

Dr. Warf recently did the same for Dr. Assem Abdel Latif in Cairo, Egypt. Dr. Latif has progressed in his flexible endoscopic skills to the extent that he will now train others in the greater Cairo region. Likewise, Dr. Warf has seen Dra. Coelho  progress in her skills significantly over the past two cases he recently joined her on.  Dr. Warf’s expertise and support has allowed these two neurosurgeons to advance their skills while remaining in their respective countries, helping their communities. 

Dr. Warf and the NeuroKids team is bullish on the use of remote presence technology/smart glasses & ScreenVU to train more neurosurgeons in a shorter period of time and with greater skills acquisition and more durable practice competencies than traditional models. Ohana One is committed to supporting surgeons like Dr. Warf and organizations like Neurokids to improve surgical outcomes across the globe. What a great partnership between Ohana One and Neurokids! 

(This story is courtesy of Derek Johnson, CEO Nuerokids)