In response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Ohana One has taken a proactive step by partnering with Vuzix and TeleVu to send twenty pairs of smart glasses to assist surgeons working under incredibly challenging conditions. The medical professionals in Ukraine have been overwhelmed by the influx of military and civilian casualties resulting from the Russian invasion. Despite the relentless demand for medical attention, doctors continue to strive diligently while their fellow countrymen and women bravely defend their nation, with no end in sight to the conflict. Consequently, numerous medical facilities find themselves inundated and unable to cope with the overwhelming demand.

Marchelle Sellers, Ohana One’s executive director, and Sharon Oreck, a board member, personally delivered ten donated pairs of Vuzix M400 smart glasses, preloaded with TeleVu remote software, to the Meest-International shipping center in Glendale, CA. A dedicated Ukrainian volunteer then hand-delivered this technology to surgeons in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, in a demonstration of national pride. From there, the smart glasses were shared with hospitals in Lviv and Kyiv. This vital collaboration between Vuzix, TeleVU, MEEST, and the volunteer surgeons is what makes the Ohana One Surgical Sight Smart Glass Program possible!

The provided technology plays a pivotal role in assisting Ukrainian surgeons as they navigate the challenges of providing care to those injured in the war zone of Eastern Ukraine. The smart glasses offer indispensable support, empowering the surgeons to deliver crucial medical interventions more effectively and efficiently.

Ohana One remains committed to making a positive difference in global healthcare, and their involvement in the Ukrainian crisis highlights their dedication to supporting medical professionals in times of immense need. By leveraging innovative technologies and collaborating with partners, Ohana One is ensuring that surgeons have access to the tools they require to save lives and alleviate suffering.

Ohana One’s commitment to providing essential resources and technology to healthcare professionals serves as an inspiration to others and underscores the importance of solidarity in times of crisis.

As the humanitarian crisis continues to unfold, Ohana One remains dedicated to supporting medical professionals on the front lines, providing them with the tools they need to save lives and restore hope in communities affected by conflict. Their unwavering commitment serves as a testament to the organization’s vision of a world where healthcare knows no boundaries, ensuring that those in need receive the care they deserve, regardless of the circumstances.