Dr. Dimuthu Tennakoon of Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children in Sri Lanka recently achieved his goal in the Ohana One Surgical Sight Program. His success highlights the transformative power of mentorship and technology in healthcare. It’s heartening to hear how the program has not only enhanced his surgical skills but also his approach to treating foot and ankle conditions, especially in pediatric patients. Dr. Tennakoon came to Ohana One through partner agency Steps 2 Walk.

Dr. Tennakoon’s focus on pediatric foot and ankle correction surgeries and his dedication to improving decision-making, planning, and execution in these complex procedures is commendable. The use of smart glasses and TeleVU software for case discussions and live surgery sessions demonstrates the power of remote mentoring. It’s amazing how these tools can bridge gaps, allowing for real-time learning and collaboration across continents.

Dr. Tennakoon’s gratitude towards his mentor, Maryse Bouchard, for the invaluable guidance and support further underscores the importance of mentorship in medical practice. It’s wonderful to know that Dr. Tennakoon is eager to pass on the knowledge and skills he has acquired to his junior colleagues at LD GPA Hospital in Sri Lanka. This cycle of learning and teaching is crucial for the continuous improvement of healthcare services and patient outcomes worldwide.

Let’s celebrate Dr. Tennakoon’s achievements and his commitment to sharing his newfound expertise. His story is a powerful reminder of how programs like Ohana One are making a significant impact on the global medical community, one surgeon at a time. Here’s to more success stories like this, as we continue to support and uplift each other in our mission to provide the best care possible. We hope you enjoy watching Dr. Tennakoon sharing his story in his own words in the video above.