“I mentor because I find it so gratifying to know that I can help patients I will never meet through the eyes and hands of the surgeons I train.”

— Marc Levitt, MD, Chief, Division of Colorectal & Pelvic Reconstruction, Children’s National Hospital Professor of Surgery & Pediatrics, The George Washington School of Medicine

Dr. Marc Levitt is a General & Colorectal Surgeon and a surgical mentor in the Ohana One Surgical Sight Smart Glass program. He resides in Washington DC, with his incredible wife of over 30 years. He has three wonderful children and two brilliant dogs.

All of whom, Dr. Levitt shares, are doing exciting things with their lives. In addition to spending time with his loved ones, Dr. Levitt is passionate about international surgical mission trips, where he can help train surgeons and nurses to help care for their patients. Surgeons have a profound impact on our societies.

It is estimated that a surgeon will perform nearly 10,000 surgeries in their lifetime, and Dr. Levitt has increased his impact 10-fold by unitizing his free time to help other surgeons better care for their patients.

Ohana One mentors understand the value of connecting with their peers in low-middle income countries, and we are excited to share their “why.”