Key Pearson currently attends Pepperdine University and will be graduating from the accelerated MBA program in 2023. Key supports Ohana One as a Business Organization intern and works directly with Marchelle Sellers, Ohana One Executive Director. “Ohana One is innovative, collaborative, and determined to help the underserved and struggling communities across the globe. Going forward, I desire to work to provide accessible care t0 other communities and raise awareness about the global health disparities. I am passionate about working with Ohana One because I believe I can use my business, communication, and analytical skills to help the organization grow and in turn impact more lives.”

Elleni Solomon will be a sophomore this fall at New York University and is a medical research intern. “I am motivated to be a part of the Ohana One team because I am passionate about finding tools and improving educational systems that can help give medical professionals, students, and patients all over the world access to quality surgical care within their healthcare systems because not many have this opportunity.”

Jewel Ng is an incoming fourth year at The University of California, Los Angeles, and teaches English as a second language to doctors in Mozambique through Ohana One. “I want to spread awareness surrounding health disparities because this is an essential step in achieving a steady level of access to healthcare for different areas. I am passionate about continually striving for improvement in myself and the community I am a part of, which is something that goes hand-in-hand with working with this population, especially as improving their knowledge affects the community outwardly. In addition, I want to develop my perspective on how to improve public health issues— one of which is how to provide sustained support for underserved populations, rather than temporary relief— through directly working with Ohana One.”

Austin Huynh, a student at the University of California, Los Angeles, currently supports Dr. Edward Ray with the development of the Ohana One App! “I think Ohana One will help me become a more well-rounded individual, giving me a variety of perspectives that I have never thought of before. What motivates me to work with Ohana One is the work my sister did with the organization, teaching foreign medical students English. It was very heartwarming, and I want to make a similar impact.”