Ohana One partnered with MendingKids during their Hometown Mission to make a difference in the lives of children in the United States who are unable to access life-changing surgeries due to insurance limitations. The Ohana One team traveled to Long Beach, California, to perform surgeries on children whose insurance does not cover the necessary procedures.

Additionally, Ohana One surgeons volunteered their services to operate on children through the Burnt Children’s Relief Foundation, a partnership they have maintained for the past three years.

The dedicated volunteers from Ohana One included founders, Dr. Michele Dee, Dr. David Kulber, and Kylie Tanabe, PA.

Kylie expresses her enthusiasm, saying, “We truly enjoy working with the Burnt Children’s Relief Foundation because we have the privilege of working with the most remarkable patients! Each and every one of them is incredible, and it is absolutely amazing to provide them with the opportunity for a better quality of life by restoring the function of their hands. They have endured so much, yet we gain more fulfillment from helping them than they receive from us. Their remarkably positive outlook on life and their ability to find happiness even in the darkest of circumstances are truly inspirational, and we are grateful to have them in our lives!”