Booth visitor testing out the suture station.

From November 9th to 11th, Louisville, Kentucky, transformed into a hub of hope as it welcomed the 10th annual GMHC Medical Missions Conference. This eagerly awaited event in the medical and humanitarian world aims to extend much-needed healthcare services to those in regions where medical resources are scarce or entirely absent, particularly in low to middle-income countries (LMICs).

The conference gathered over 200 exhibitors, including grassroots startups, esteemed universities, and well-known nonprofits like Americares, Mercy Ships, and CURE International. Among these was Ohana One, known for its innovative approach and compassionate mission in the medical field.

Booth visitors during a technology demonstration. On the far right, Brad Buss of TeleVU provides demonstration of the technology.

Ohana One’s booth stood out with its interactive learning experiences. Visitors engaged with two main attractions: a plastic skull that offered a hands-on assembly experience and a suturing station for practicing stitches on a lifelike skin model. However, the showcase event was the mentor/mentee simulation demonstrations led by the dedicated Ohana team, including Executive Director Marchelle Sellers, Medical Missions Manager Cristina Farrut, and Partnership Manager Jeanne Bray. These demonstrations featured the advanced Vuzix Blade or M-400 glasses, enabling participants to connect virtually with mentors using the TeleVU software. This immersive experience highlighted the potential of technology to bridge educational gaps and support medical care in underserved communities, igniting the imaginations of medical students, professionals, and volunteers about enhancing healthcare delivery in the areas most in need.

An exciting partnership with Ohana One and WaterStep was highlighted on the conference’s concluding day. WaterStep’s founder and CEO, Mark Hogg, demonstrated the setup of a bleach-making kit using Ohana technology, guiding Marchelle Sellers to assemble the kit in under ten minutes. This presentation underscored the adaptability of Ohana’s technological solutions, extending their impact beyond surgical aid to include vital water sanitation efforts. WaterStep’s work, especially in Kenya, exemplifies the transformative power of these technologies in promoting health and hygiene in correctional facilities and other settings.

Left: Marchelle Sellers, Cristina Farrut, Jeanne Bray of Ohana One. Right: Marchelle Sellers with Mark Hogg, WaterStep Founder and CEO.

The GMHC Medical Missions Conference was more than just an event; it vividly illustrated the collaborative, innovative spirit and dedication to improving global health. As Ohana One and its partners demonstrated, combining medical expertise with state-of-the-art technology offers a promising path toward a healthier future for communities across the globe. Inspired by the spirit of this conference, we are reminded of the difference we can make in the lives of those who need it the most.

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