Dr. Natchagande has significantly enhanced his surgical skills and confidence in performing Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) procedures, thanks to the Surgical Sight Program. PCNLs are minimally invasive procedures used to remove kidney stones when the body is unable to pass them naturally. With the rising demand for PCNLs in Benin, Dr. Natchagande’s mentorship relationships with Dr. Watson and Dr. Scotland have been life-changing for many individuals. Dr. Natchagande’s passion and dedication to serving his community are clearly evident.

Benin, with a population of 13 million people, is ranked #171 globally in terms of healthcare quality, having only 2 surgeons per 100,000 individuals. The country faces a severe shortage of doctors, with only four hospitals located within its borders. Moreover, 51% of the Beninese population resides in rural areas, far away from hospitals and clinics. Consequently, Dr. Natchagande must perform PCNLs on children as well, as his hospital lacks a Pediatric Urologist. However, thanks to the Surgical Sight Smart Glass Program, he now feels comfortable and confident performing PCNLs on both children and adults. He has even started training some of his colleagues.

Dr. Natchagande vividly remembers a patient he will never forget. The patient was a four-year-old boy who required a PCNL. Dr. Watson virtually assisted Dr. Natchagande during a successful bilateral PCNL surgery on the child. Two years later, the boy’s mother returned to express her gratitude to both Dr. Natchagande and Dr. Watson, creating a moment that will forever stay with him. Dr. Natchagande takes pride in the progress he has made in his surgical skills and remains optimistic about the continued positive impact of smart glass technology on his community.

In 2023, Dr. Natchagande anticipates performing PCNL procedures on 70-100 individuals, marking an increase from the previous year. We at Ohana One are thrilled to support Dr. Natchagande’s surgical training and eagerly await the accomplishments he will achieve this year.