Dr. Kurt McCammon

By Dr. Jennifer Bepple

Dr. Kurt McCammon has been the chairman at Eastern Virginia Medical School in the Department of Urology for almost 20 years. He epitomizes servant leadership, acting as not only an exceptional educator to residents and surgeons around the world but also someone who truly supports them during their entire career.

I consider myself fortunate to have been one of his residents and mentees in the urology program. He generously shared his extensive surgical knowledge, his compassionate and friendly approach to bedside manner, and managing life’s various demands professionally and personally. Dr. McCammon played a significant role in helping me navigate the balance between my career and my family. During my tenure as chief resident, I became pregnant with twins and delivered them in the middle of my term. I remember being scheduled to take the annual in-service exam while also being placed on bed rest with concerns about a premature delivery. Dr. McCammon stood by me and remained my consummate voice of support, saying, “Your priority is your family. We will be here when you return. We support your education and your family.” I was incredibly blessed to have him as my chairman during that time in my life, and he has been by my side throughout my career.

Dr. McCammon was one of the first people I confided in when I decided to pursue a degree in informatics and step away from clinical practice. I was concerned about how my urology colleagues would react. Dr. McCammon affirmed my decision and provided unwavering support. He assisted me in various ways, including introducing me to Ohana One and inviting me to return as a visiting professor this summer. I am thankful to him for these opportunities to continue to pay it forward.

Dr. McCammon consistently prioritizes others over his own needs, exemplifying what it means to be a mentor. He invites residents into his family, investing in their success professionally and personally. His incredible passion for service, evident through his dedication to teaching and international volunteer work, is inspiring. I am immensely grateful for his support and mentorship and honored to call him a friend.