Ohana One, a leading organization in global surgical care, continues to make remarkable strides in its mission to bridge the gaps in surgical education and provide access to advanced training and mentorship programs in developing areas. Through the use of innovative technology, a robust network of mentors and mentees, and a commitment to improving wellness among medical professionals, Ohana One is revolutionizing surgical education and transforming lives across the globe.

Ohana One is at the forefront of transforming global surgical education through groundbreaking initiatives. By leveraging the power of augmented reality, remote assistance software, and peer-to-peer tools, Ohana One has created an immersive ecosystem for surgical education. Surgeons can now communicate and collaborate in real-time, transcending geographical barriers and enhancing their skills to save lives. In line with its ambitious goals, Ohana One aims to train 1000 surgeons within the next 10 years, empowering them to perform millions of life-saving surgeries throughout their careers.

In 2022, Ohana One successfully coordinated mentorship for 65 pairs of experienced surgeons and aspiring mentees, providing invaluable guidance and support in their professional development. This mentorship program is pivotal in fostering knowledge transfer, enhancing surgical techniques, and empowering surgeons to deliver high-quality care. Additionally, Ohana One welcomed 60 new surgeons into its program, further expanding its network of skilled professionals dedicated to advancing surgical care worldwide.

Recognizing the pressing need for addressing physician burnout and well-being, Ohana One has continued prioritizing the mental health of medical professionals. The organization has taken a significant step forward by integrating a wellness initiative into its OO App, providing resources and support to promote self-care and resilience among surgeons. By acknowledging the importance of holistic well-being, Ohana One ensures that surgeons are equipped with the tools to provide the best possible care to their patients.

In 2022, Ohana One successfully completed two mission trips, facilitating life-changing surgeries for 50 individuals in underserved communities. These missions provided not only vital medical interventions but also fostered lasting connections and collaborations between surgeons across borders. In addition, Ohana One conducted four webinars, reaching over 100 attendees and medical students worldwide, providing them with access to cutting-edge surgical training tools and resources.

Ohana One’s impact extends to over 42 countries, where the organization’s programs and support have made a significant difference in surgical care. With over 90 partner organizations, Ohana One continues to foster collaborative relationships, pooling resources and expertise to address the challenges faced in global surgical education and patient care.

Ohana One’s achievements would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of volunteers. In 2022 alone, the organization facilitated over 2257 hours of donated surgical and nonsurgical volunteer hours, amplifying the impact of its initiatives and extending its reach to even more individuals in need.

Ohana One’s accomplishments in 2022 highlight the organization’s unwavering commitment to advancing surgical care globally. Through innovative technologies, a strong network of mentors and mentees, and a focus on holistic well-being, Ohana One is making a tangible difference in the lives of surgeons, patients, and communities. With its ambitious goals and ongoing dedication, Ohana One is paving the way for a future where access to quality surgical care knows no boundaries.