Sharon Oreck


Sharon Oreck, an established female producer, founded O Pictures Inc. in 1986. Over the years Oreck has been recognized for many awards including an Academy Award nomination in 1985. the Women in Film Award in 1989 and 1991, and the Grammy Award in 1991 for the music video Opposites Attract. O Pictures Inc. was one of the first female owned and operated production companies, with an accomplished female-dominated cast of twenty-five. With O Pictures, Oreck produced and executive produced over a thousand groundbreaking music videos, commercials, public service spots and campaigns and long form documentary and dramatic feature films.
Prior to founding O Pictures Inc. Oreck worked as a producer for the motion picture “The Killing Fields” and multiple films for The American Film Institute, and she was the co-owner and Executive Producer of No Pictures, a boutique production company in Los Angeles. Alongside Oreck’s career in production, she is the author of a memoir for Faber and Faber, An Affiliate of |Farrar, Straus and Giroux. She was also a segment producer on Nat Geo/Fox TV’s “Cosmos.” Oreck decided to go back to school, earning her Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Antioch University in 2021. She is a board member of the prominent NGO, Ohana One and is currently producing a documentary on their work with director Jay Roach (“Bombshell,” “Austin Powers” etc.).